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Cobb Sizing Tester in Thailand


Packaging products are designed to assure the quality of the products that are packed inside to deliver the goods safely to the customers. Therefore, packaging goods need to be best enough that can easily tolerate the impact of external factors and forces that are exerted on them at the time of handling and transportation so that best quality of the products can be delivered to their clients. The major problem that arises with the packaging materials is the moist conditions in which they have to survive to ensure the quality of the products. Hence, it is essential for the producers to ensure that the packaging products that they are delivering are best enough to survive in moist conditions.  Presto offers Cobb Sizing Tester in Thailand, is an effective testing device which helps to ascertain the water penetration strength of the packaging materialss. The instrument is easy to operate and offers precise results.

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Presto Stantest manufactures premium quality of Cobb Sizing Tester in Thailand, which is mainly in different packaging industries to test the water absorbency strength of the materials to ensure the quality of the products. The instrument is fabricated with high-quality of material like mild steel and stainless steel.  The operating procedure of the appliance is very simple and can be operated by a single hand. It is delivered with one hand roller that helps to drain out extra water out of the sample after the test. The lab testing machine is designed as per national and international test standards that are provided by various standardization authorities. An instruction manual is also provided along with the device which helps the user to operate the device easily.

    • It is fabricated of mild steel and stainless steel material that ensures the best performance of the machine.
    • The cylindrical vessel is designed with high-quality of stainless steel material that ensures best and robust performance of the device.
    • The diameter of the sample placement fixture is 14 cm.
    • A cork sheet of diameter 14 cm is also supplied to with the device.
    • The inner depth of the sample fixture is 11.5cm.
    • The fixture indicates two water levels i.e. 10mm and 25mm.
    • A standardized hand roller of 10kg is delivered along with the machine to drain out excess water from the sample.

    • Single-handed operating device.
    • Best to measure the water penetration strength of the materials such as cardboards, paper, and many more.
    • Ensures quick placement of sample.


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