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Humidity Test Chamber in Thailand

PCC -800

Presto manufacture and supplies Humidity Test Chamber in Thailand. The testing instrument is used in a significant number of production houses to fulfill the requirement of conditioning of various products and materials. The testing machine is best enough to test the effect of different temperatures and humidity on physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the material. The testing machine is quite easy to operate and offers accurate test results. The testing machine is designed as per various national and international standardization authorities and, therefore, fulfills the testing requirements of the international market too.

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Presto is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of testing instruments that offers high-quality of Humidity Test Chamber in Thailand. The device is used to assure the quality of different products. The instrument offers accurate test results. It is designed with digital control panel and helps to set the accurate level of temperature and humidity of the chamber. The machine is designed with mild steel and stainless steel that ensures the robust performance of the machine.

    • Time totalizer feature of the testing machine helps to measure an exact number of hours for which the machine has been used.
    • It is duly fitted with the cooling compressor.
    • The digital control panel ensures easy and accurate test results.
    • The mainframe or outer body of the machine is designed using mild steel material, and the inner chamber is fabricated of the stainless steel that ensures a corrosion proof finish.
    • Stainless steel trays are provided within the chamber to place the samples easily.
    • The digital timer helps to set the time of the test cycle.
    • Transparent viewing glass is provided to examine the effect of temperature on the sample during the test.
    • The dimension of the inner cabinet of the device is 60 x 63 x 106cm.
    • The entire dimension of the machine is 75 x 111 x 180 cm.
    • The machine is designed to achieve the humidity range between 65% to 95% (±5%) and temperature range up to 650 C, ±30

    • It has double wall structure with glass wool insulation that helps to prevent the heat loss.
    • The digital controller ensures precise programming of humidity and temperature.
    • Fast conditioning for the quick achievement of humidity equilibrium.

    Related Standards

    ASTM D – 1776, D 1776 M – 15, BS 950 {Part 1 (D 65)},

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