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Tensile Testing Machine Cap 2500KG

TTM-D (as per capacity)

Tensile test is very important test for different industries to ascertain the conditions of failure of a product. Tensile test is conducted by applying an outward force on the sample. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while performing a tensile test. The test cannot be performed in the end product. A sample of predefined dimensions and shape is prepared on which the test is performed. The sample should be in dumbbell shape, as per the testing standards issued by relative authorities.

Tensile testing machine offered by Presto has the capacity of 2500 KG which means an equivalent load can be applied on the sample to check its resistance.

To perform the test, the dumbbell shaped sample is clamped in the upper and lower jaws of the machine. The machine will exert an outward pull on the sample to a point of fracture or until sample ruptures completely. Or creep test can also be performed, in which the sample is made to hold the load for predefined time. The behaviour of the sample is assessed visually.


The machine has rugged 2 lead screw structure for firm and precise load application. It has highly resistant coating against rust, which means the shelf life of machine is very high. Thus, the machine has low maintenance cost.

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    • The machine is available with the capacity of 2500 kgf with the least count of 1 Kg.
    • The instrument can be operated with the inbuilt motor of 1-5 HP, RPM – 1440 that works on 3 phase power supply.

    Additional Accessories:

    A range of grips appropriate for holding different resources is provided as optional accessories. Specimen cutting presses and specimen cutting dies are also provided as optional accessories.

    The Lab instrument meets BSES 1002-3, ASTM E-4, BS 1610, DIN 5122/1 and other related standards.

    • It is assembled using heavy mild steel for stability and strength.
    • It includes many safety measures like over travel protection and overload.
    • It is built-up with CE electric wiring and standard branded motor.
    • It is a complete modular creation for problem free maintenance.
    • It has a corrosion resistance finish.
    • It is a complete kit available with main switch and micro switches, additional accessories along with an instruction guide.
    • It ensures highly safe and convenient operations.

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