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Vacuum Leak Tester in Tanzania

MODEL PVL - 0130 (150 mm)

Presto offers the high quality of Vacuum Leak Tester in Tanzania for performing an efficient testing procedure to test the intactness of the pouches. The tool helps to identify the best quality pouches free from any pinholes or leakages. Leaking product indicating a big quality issue and it is an alert against contamination or damage.  The best intactness is ensured with proper testing instruments and procedures. The device is ergonomically designed that allows the easy operation and aids in the accurate analysis of the products.

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Presto designs the Vacuum Leak Tester in Tanzania to fulfill the quality requirements of the packaging industries to test the leak in plastic pouches. The testing procedures are performed at a very high-pressure range. During the testing procedure, the equipment has efficient pressure gauges and pressure release valve to enable easy control of pressure buildup. Different sizes of the specimen can be checked with the help of two sizes of desiccators.

The instrument is provided a user manual and conformance certificate traceable to NABL labs.

    • The buildup pressure range is between 0 mm of hg to 600 mm of
    • The least count of the tool is 1 mm of hg.
    • The desiccators are of two distinct sizes of 150 mm and 300 mm that helps in testing the different sized specimen.
    • The digital timer used to set the test cycle timing with high
    • The analogue pressure gauge and pressure release valve used for easy pressure buildup control inside the desiccators.
    • The pressure release mechanism with the desiccators releases the additional pressure after testing.

    • Simple and easy operating.
    • Followed all guidelines that are prescribed in the related quality testing standards.
    • The aluminum body for corrosion-free

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