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Cobb Sizing Tester in Tanzania


Presto offers the Cobb Sizing Tester in Tanzania to measure the resistance of the various materials to penetrate the water. The packaging boxes have to endure several conditions at the time of transportation such as heat, cold, moist and humidity. The different environmental factors affect the strength of the boxes especially the damp weather. The packaging quality is adversely affected by the wet condition. The suppliers and manufacturers of the packaging houses must choose the high-quality material that can resist the penetration of the moisture or water. The water-absorbency quality of the packaging materials protect the products from damage.

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Presto is the best manufacturer and supplier of the Cobb Sizing Tester in Tanzania for testing the water absorbency of the materials, for example, paper, cardboard, corrugated sheets, etc. The sample placement fixture offering the auto hold and release feature for the test specimen. The sample placement procedure is very fast, and the tool has a hand roller for removing the additional water from the sample.

The device is manufactured and designed according to the guidelines set in different quality testing standards. The tool is supplied with a user manual and a conformance certificate.

    • Best quality materials such as stainless steel and mild steel are used for manufacturing of the device.
    • The 14 cm sample placing area is made of high-caliber stainless steel.
    • The cork sheet is 14 cm with sample placement fixture depth of 11.5 cm.
    • There are 10 mm and 25 mm depth readings for water level.
    • After the test cycle, the sample is pressed with a 10 kg hand roller.

    • The option of single handed operation.
    • Controls the water absorbency of the packaging materials like paper, cardboards, fiber sheets, etc.
    • An automatic hold and release mechanism for the easy testing procedure.
    • Sample placement procedure is fast.

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