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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Saudi Arabia


The PET bottles are extensively used for packaging of different products. One of the most important things that ensure the best quality of the PET bottle is the balance of the bottle. In order to ensure this quality of PET bottles, the manufacturers conduct section weight analysis of the bottle. For accurate section weight analysis, it is required to cut the bottles into three sections with accurate dimensions and without deformation. The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Saudi Arabia is a cost effective method for cutting PET bottles for section weight analysis. The instruments I easy to use and gives accurate results to the users.

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Presto is a prime manufacturer of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Saudi Arabia that is extensively utilized by the PET manufacturers for cutting the PET bottles for section weight analysis. The machine is provided with a set of two canthal wires that are very efficient in the cutting of the bottles. In addition to that, there are Digital heating display and variable voltage potentiometer that allows easy monitoring and control of the heating level of the wires.

The machine is given to the customers with a user guide and a conformance certificate for easy and accurate operation of the machine.

    • The device can be ideally utilized for cutting of PET bottles into three distinct sections that are top, cylinder and bottom for right section weight analysis.
    • There is a clear digital display which indicates the heating level of the cutting wires with high
    • The instrument is provided with a set of high-quality Canthal element wires that are best for cutting of PET bottles. There are also more numbers of wires available on client’s request.
    • The net weight of the device is approximately 35 Kilograms.
    • The entire size of the instrument is calculated as 700 mm X 400 mm X 400 mm.
    • The maximum size of the specimen that can be cut with the help of device is 138 mm.
    • In order to control the heating level of the canthal element wires, there is a variable voltage potentiometer provided with the apparatus.

    • The appliance allows users to cut the PET bottles into three sections precisely and without deformation of the shape of the sections in a very cost effective and efficient way.
    • There is a provision for heating the canthal wires to three distinct levels for cutting different materials.
    • The devices are also given with a digital display that helps in easy monitoring of the degree of heating provided to the canthal wires.

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