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Box Compression Tester in Saudi Arabia

PDBC - 600

Box Compression Tester in Saudi Arabia is an important testing instrument that is recommended to be used in packaging industries for evaluation of the compressive strength of packaging boxes. The packaging boxes have to bear a lot of forces and compression when they are transported to different points. If the boxes are not strong enough to bear these forces, they can be easily damage and can also damage the products inside the boxes. The instrument offered by Presto helps the manufacturers in determining the compressive strength of the packaging boxes to ensure their best strength and quality delivered to the clients. The instrument complies with quality testing standards such as Tappi, JIS, ASTM and so forth.

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The Box Compression Tester for Saudi Arabia is a premium quality testing instrument supplied by Presto that is extensively used in the Packaging industries for evaluation of the compressive strength of the packaging boxes. The device is available with different sizes of the platform which facilitates testing of various sizes of the specimen. The digital display gives an accurate reading of the test results. A heavy metallic base plate made from mild steel is used for the instrument. The laboratory equipment is painted in blue and gray color for resistance free finish. A user guide and a calibration certificate are provided to the clients.

    • Different sizes of platforms are available with the machine for the purpose of specimen placement. The sizes available are 450 x 450 mm, 600 x 600 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm.
    • Compression type force is used for testing.
    • Power consumed by the machine is 1 KW.
    • The speed of the compression plates is 10 ± 3 mm/ min. The returning speed of the plates to the home position is 50 mm/ min.
    • The equipment requires a single phase 22 volts AC power supply for operation.
    • The exact size of the instrument is 155 cm x 115 cm x 200 cm.
    • The apparatus has an approximate weight of 380 kilograms and a gross weight of 480 kilograms when packed.

    • The test results can be calculated in three different units that are N, Kgf, and Lbf.
    • The digital display of the machine shows the force applied, deflection in the sample and number of tests conducted.
    • The instrument is provided with a very light weight design which can perform the test at different loads.

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