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Bottle Burst Tester in Saudi Arabia

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The PET bottles are extensively utilized for packaging purposes in many different industries. They are used for packaging of aerated drinks, soft drinks, food products, chemicals and many others. Most of the products that are packaged in the PET bottles are in liquid form, and when these liquids are filled into the PET bottles, they exert a high amount of pressure on the bottle. It is important that these bottles are able to bear that pressure for best safety of the products. The Bottle Burst Tester in Saudi Arabia is an efficient testing instrument offered by Presto and is utilized by the manufacturers of PET bottle to test the strength of the bottles. With the help of this tool, manufacturers can easily analyze the maximum amount of internal pressure that a bottle can bear. The machine has a simple and fast operation. The device is also applicable to international markets too as it complies with all the required international quality standards.

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Presto provides highly efficient Bottle Burst Tester for Saudi Arabia that are used by the manufacturers of PET bottles to test the quality and strength of the PET bottles they manufacture so that they could ensure the best quality of PET bottles to the clients. There is air pressure used for testing the bottles as it gives better accuracy and precision as compared to liquids. In addition to that, the digital control panel of the machine makes it very easy to operate the machine.

There are two different models of bottle burst tester available for clients that are Bottle Burst Tester Digital Model and Bottle Burst Tester Touch Screen Model.

    • The machine operates at a power supply of 110/220 Volts.
    • The device has hydraulic pressure control system to control the pressure buildup in the specimen.
    • Auto pressure hold feature is incorporated in the equipment to maintain pressure during the test.
    • The device works along with an air filter and regulator assembly for better control of pressure.
    • A secure steel outer casing is used in the machine for the provision of added safety of the user.

    • A standard 7 bar air pressure connection is sufficient to operate the Instrument.
    • It works with a faster cycle time.
    • The instrument displays the pass/fail criteria for test on the screen.
    • The machine has an in-house calibration feature.
    • The auto sample holding feature is also incorporated in the device.
    • Automatic alarm triggers after the test cycle have been completed. 

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