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Scuff Resistance Tester in Nigeria

PSR - 292

The print quality of packaging materials is an important aspect of quality of the products. The packaging materials are rubbed vigorously during the transit process which can damage the look and the print quality of the products. In order to ensure the best look and print quality of the materials, the manufacturers need to test the scuff resistance that is offered by various materials. The Scuff Resistance Tester in Nigeria is efficient testing equipment offered by Presto and used in different packaging industries. The instrument provided an accurate analysis of the scuff resistance provided by various materials.

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Presto offers the best Scuff Resistance Tester for Nigeria that is best for testing the quality of packaging materials that are used in the packaging industries.  The equipment offers highly precise test analysis for various materials. The instrument is provided with many advanced features such as an automatic buzzer, digital preset timer, additional dead weight, etc. that help in the efficient testing of the specimen. The product is manufactured according to the guidelines set by various testing standards hence the instrument can also be used in international industries.

    • The instrument can be used for testing two different sizes of the specimen that are 2 inches and 4.5 inches.
    • There two additional dead weights provided with the instrument that is used for exerting the extra force on the specimen. The two dead weights have values 1 psi + 1 psi.
    • The digital timer that is assembled with the equipment offers an efficient and precise setting of test cycle time.
    • The instrument is made corrosion free by providing chrome plating to it.
    • The required power supply for operating the machine has a rating of 220 volts 50 Hz single phase AC.

    • The instrument is ideal for analyzing the scuff resistance of materials like corrugated boards, Fiber sheets, paper and so forth.
    • The ergonomic design and manufacturing of the machine help in the simple operation of the machine.
    • The device is also provided with an automatic buzzer that notifies the completion of test automatically.
    • The equipment is best for use in industrial working conditions.


    Areas for application

    • It can be used for testing the scuff resistance of the packaging materials such as printed labels, corrugated sheets, paper,
    • To analyze the quality of inks, that is used for printing.
    • To test the quality of glossy covers used in magazines.

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