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Bottle Burst Tester in Nigeria

PBBT - 0100

PET bottles are used widely for packaging of different fluids such as chemicals, aerated drinks, soft drinks, etc. These fluids exert a very high amount of pressure on the PET bottles from inside. If the PET bottles are not strong enough, they can easily burst and damage the bottle as well as the products. The manufacturers of the PET bottles need t ensure that the PET bottles they provide to their clients are of best quality and strength. The Bottle Burst Tester for Nigeria offered by Presto is one of the best testing instruments that can help the manufacturers in determining the minimum amount of pressure from inside a bottle can bear before it bursts. The device is easy to operate a machine that is designed to deliver very accurate test results. The instrument complies with all the require testing standards and can be used in international industries also.

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Presto’s Bottle Burst Tester for Nigeria is one of the most useful testing instruments that are used fro finding the bursting strength of the PET bottle sin PET manufacturing industries. The instrument used highly pressurized air for testing the strength of the bottles in place of liquids as air providing better test results. The hydraulic pressure control system allows the user to perform the test with better control and precision. There is also a steel casing provided with the instrument for extra safety. The instrument is designed and developed by keeping all the international quality standards in mind and hence is assured to provide the best test analysis.

    • The instrument is operated on a power supply of 220 volts single phase AC.
    • The test pressure in the test specimen is efficiently controlled with the help of a hydraulic pressure control system.
    • The instrument is fitted with an auto pressure hold feature which helps in maintaining constant pressure during the test.
    • The instrument is also equipped with a secure steel cage around the specimen placement area for extra protection of the users.

    • The instrument is operated using a standard air pressure connection with a pressure of seven bars.
    • The instrument offers a very fast test cycle time.
    • The users can easily see the pass-fail criteria on the digital display of the machine.
    • The instrument comes with an in-house calibration feature.
    • The instrument can also auto hold the sample.
    • The automatic alarm triggers on the completion of the test cycle. 



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