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Peel Strength Tester in Nigeria


The adhesive materials used in the packaging industries need to be efficient enough to hold the substrate for best quality of packaging. The safety of the products packaged greatly depends on the peel strength of the adhesives used for packaging. The manufacturers need to ensure the best adhesive strength of the materials they deliver to the clients through proper testing procedures and equipment. The Peel Strength Tester in Nigeria is an effective testing instrument that is utilized by manufacturers to test the adhesive strength of the materials used for packaging. The instrument conforms to all the required international quality test standards and hence assures the best quality testing analysis.

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The Peel Strength Tester for Nigeria provided by Presto is extensively used by the manufacturers of the adhesive packaging materials. The instrument is designed to find the exact adhesive strength of the materials. The device is manufactured with many advanced features such as limit switches, overload protection for the load cell, digital peak load indicators, etc. The peak load indicator is also appropriate for saving the test values from previous procedures. The instrument can also be used for seal strength test as well as a bond strength test. There are templates provided with the machine to prepare the test specimen accurately as per the test standards.

    • The testing instrument has a capacity of exerting a maximum load of 20-kgf on the specimen.
    • The separation rate of the jaws of the machine is 300 mm per minute.
    • The least count of the apparatus is a 2-gram
    • The overall dimension of the instrument is 61 X 51 X 124 cm.
    • The appliance conforms to the quality testing standard ASTM D 429-14.
    • The weight of the device is 90 kg and the weight after packing is 120 kg.
    • The machine is available with AC drive and thermal printer as an optional accessory.

    • The instrument is used for testing the effect of force on the adhesive materials when applied at an angle of 180 degrees. Clients can also request for a 90-degree fixture to apply force on that angle.
    • The accuracy of the instrument is as high as ±2%.
    • The device is also capable of performing the bond test and seal test.
    • The in-house calibration feature is provided with the laboratory testing equipment.
    • For easy reading of the test results, there is a digital peak load indicator provided with equipment.

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