Instruments for Adhesives Testing


Adhesives Materials Testing Instruments Adhesive materials are used widely in packaging industry for sealing of packaging as well as labeling purposes. It is important to test the quality and adhesive strength of the materials so that they could survive the rigorous working conditions they are subjected to. Manufacturers of adhesive materials need to run several quality test procedures on the materials to make sure that the products they produce are of the best quality. Presto has been manufacturing and providing world-class adhesive testing instruments to various production units all across the globe for decades. Presto testing instruments and laboratory equipment are widely used to improve quality control, process control, research and development, capabilities and results. Presto’s extensive array of adhesive testing machines performs numerous tests like adhesion, release, coefficient of friction, shear strength, tensile strength, tack, and many additional parameters. Check above the entire range of Presto products for adhesives.