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Color Matching Cabinets for Kenya

Spectrum II -(USA)

The color is a major constituent of the quality of any product. If the color quality of a product is not perfect, it is considered to be a major quality flaw.  This is why manufacturers put a great emphasis on the color quality of their products so that the ultimate quality of the products could reach the clients. The Color Matching Cabinet For Kenya offered by Presto is widely used in different industries to test the color consistency of the products. The machine is capable of providing perfect lighting conditions so that the colors of the specimen could be matched perfectly. The device is used for removing any sort of metamerism from the products. The metamerism is the phenomenon that leads to the different appearance of products in different lighting conditions. The instrument is extensively used in various industries such as food, Textiles, paints, automobiles and many others.

The machine is designed and manufactured for sturdy usage and performance in harsh industrial conditions.

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Presto is an industry leading exporter and manufacturer of Color Matching Cabinets for Kenya. The instrument is utilized in a variety of production verticals where color is an important part of the quality of the products. The machine comes with different light sources incorporated in it including D 65, InCAA, TL 84, TFL, CWF, Ultraviolet black light. These light sources are used for replicating the actual lighting conditions faced by the products. The device helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the appearance of their products will remain constant regardless of the lighting condition.

The machine is delivered to the clients along with a user manual that makes it easy for them to operate the machine.

    • The testing instrument is assembled with best quality light sources that ensure constant delivery of light intensity for a longer time.
    • The light sources used are best for the fast, close and rigorous process of color matching.
    • The instrument is fabricated with high-grade material which gives it a long life and makes it corrosion free.
    • Instant illumination of the light sources is administered with the help of electronic choke.

    • The instrument has a very simple and easy operation.
    • The light sources are available with individual switches so that the light sources could be used both in combination as well as individually.
    • The design of the apparatus allows the user to test the specimen of varying sizes very easily.
    • The time totalizer helps in determination of the total amount of time for which the machine has run.

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