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Dart Impact Tester – PRIMA SERIES

PDT - 350 (Prima)

Presto’s Dart impact tester – HMI is a next generation model which is used in different packaging industries to ascertain the strength of the plastic films that can withstand various forces levied on it. The testing instrument is provided with an electromagnetic dart hold or release mechanism to evade any type of interference in force exertion. The electromagnetic machine can hold a weight of up to 2 kg. The instrument is also provided with user- friendly HMI display that helps to determine the effect of falls on the material which is performed in a single test. To clamp or unclamp the sample, a foot switch is provided with the machine. The pneumatic clamping which is provided with the machine is best top offer wrinkle-free clamping of the sample. Along with that, there is a protective shield device which is provided with the machine to prevent the dart from bouncing back, out of the machine.

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    • Clamping Unit: Circular annular clamping unit with zero slippage
    • Material: Mild Steel Duly Powder Coated/rugged /sturdy Aluminum construction
    • Type of Test – Free Falling test
    • Inner Diameter of the clamp: 127 mm
    • Material of Dart head: Special Silicate
    • Release Mechanism: Electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism through paddle switch
    • Maximum attainable height of the dart : 660mm &1524 mm for method A and B respectively.
    • Diameter Of The Dart Head
      • For Method A – 38 mm
      • For Method B – 50 mm
    • Length & Diameter of Method B dart: 226.5 mm & 50 mm ±1 mm
    • Length & Diameter of Method A dart: 212.8 mm38 & mm ± 1 mm respectively
    • Weight holding capacity: 2 kg.
    • Least Count of height adjusting scale: 1 mm
    • Pneumatic clamping Pressure: 3-4 Bars (Pneumatic supply in customer’s scope)
    • Power: 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase.
    • Control Panel: Digital Counter ( In- built in HMI)

    • Strong base plate with rugged structure
    • User-friendly HMI based Touchscreen model.
    • Pass/Fail criteria can be programmed.
    • Drop height adjustment clamp.
    • Automation calculations & results through method setting as per the standard
    • Easy data management. User can create product identification, user name, magnet hold time, dart weight, percentage failure, etc.
    • USB option for storing test data.
    • Data output in data record format,
    • Sample holding through pneumatic clamping.
    • Clamping shield height adjustable collar.
    • Method setting for selecting test methods and performing the test.
    • Electromagnetic hold and release mechanism for the dart to obtain accurate test results.
    • Acrylic Shield to prevent dart from falling out of the machine
    • Automatic test through electromagnetic lock
    • Circular annular clamping with pneumatic connection for zero slippage.

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