Which Compression Test is best for Box Packaging

Which Compression Test is best for Box Packaging

Compression Test

The compressive force id defined as the force which is external and applied form both side to the inner part is called as the compression load. In few companies, it very vital that this load is applied on material to test its capacity. To see how much load it can withstand. Especially in case of the packaging boxes manufacturing. In this post, we will share details on box compression tester.

It is not at all possible for operator to evaluate the compression strength by detection the amount of pressure at which the box buckles. You must use a precise machine which can do it for you. For such purpose manufacturer trust upon the use of box compression tester. The machine is controlled digitally and have semi-automatic operational compression plates which goes up and down to produce the compression force. During this test the vertical load is applied on the box which is to be tested for a particular set of time.


The Corrugated Boxes are usually kept on each other during transit or in the storage. The more the box is good in quality it can withstand more vertical load on itself and will not damage the content kept inside. This test is very important to evaluate the quality of boxes.

The people are usually getting confused between the compression test and the tensile test. They are not even try to evaluate the difference. The machine which is supposed to be providing a compressive load. And the other one is tensile strength which is not a part of this testing in corrugated boxes.