Box Compression Tester – Best Quality in Best Prices

Box Compression Tester – Best Quality in Best Prices

We are all customers at the certain point of time. And, in today’s date, we have a psychology of paying an extra buck for good quality. At any cost, we are not ready to compromise with the things. Every time we go to shopping, a good packing makes the first impression about its quality. If a manufacturer has paid such a good attention to the packing, the product must be good, this is our first thought. And when shopping is online, the manufacturers or retailers are becoming extra conscious about its safe delivery. Because return policy is always there to haunt retailers or suppliers.

Good packing is now a part of the product. And to retain that good packing, there is another packing, called secondary packing. This plays an important role in safe storage and transportation of the products. Even secondary packing is equally important, it has to have good quality.

Corrugated boxes are the commonest form used for storage and transportation. If your corrugated boxes have substandard quality, they would hardly be able to protect the contents packed inside. Quality is defined by many factors, like, strength, appearance, smoothness, colour retention capacity and so on. We are most concerned with the strength of the box. This strength could be bursting strength, load carrying strength or pressure resistance strength and so on. Box compression tester is commonly used to determine the strength of cartons.


What is Pressure Resistance Strength?

During transits, consignments are prone to jerks, wrench and stacking. The corrugated boxes that are being used must withstand such physical stress. When boxes are stacked over each other, they eventually start building pressure on the lower layers. This may lead to the deformation of the boxes and might start affecting the contents packed inside. The ability of the box to retain its position irrespective of the stress is called pressure resistance strength or compression strength. Virgin corrugated boxes have comparatively higher strength. Corrugators also play a major role in making a fibre board strong. But, we cannot ascertain this parameter without actually putting the sample to the test.

What is a compression test? How can it be done?


box compression tester is used to determine the compressive strength of the box. In this machine, there is one movable plate that applies pressure from the top on the test box. It will keep on applying pressure until the box deforms. Depending upon the intended application, the box can be declared as pass or fail. Based on the observation, further, the bulk manufacturing of corrugated cartons can be done.