Requirement Of Box Compression Test In Packaging Industries

Requirement Of Box Compression Test In Packaging Industries

Industrial sector is growing day by day nowadays due to the increasing demand of high-quality products. People nowadays are very much conscious about the quality of the product as quality of the products is directly related with the safety of the products.

This is forcing the manufacturers of different production verticals to take all essential steps and do best efforts to enhance the quality of their products to set new quality standards. The major part of the safety of the products depends on the packaging of the product. Packaging of the products needs be sturdy and strong enough so that it can best assure the quality of the products. The major products which is widely used in different manufacturing industries to pack the products are corrugated boxes.

Major Problem arises with Corrugated Boxes

Hence, the manufacturers of corrugated boxes test the quality of the corrugated boxes before delivering the products to the customers. The major problem that arises with the corrugated boxes is compression during storage and transportation. Therefore, the manufacturers must test the compression strength of corrugated boxes so that best quality product should be delivered to the customers. The compression strength of the boxes helps to measure the maximum weight that the corrugated boxes can bear when goods are stacked one above the other.

Best Solution by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest, a Box compression tester computerized manufacturer, offer user -friendly computerized box compression tester. The instrument is ergonomically designed using high-quality of material and on the basis of standard test methods. The instrument is very easy to operate. Presto also provides the instrument with customized specifications to test the compression strength of the boxes.