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Box Compression Tester – A Key Solution For Packaging Industries

Box-compression-testerCorrugated Box Compression Testing & Packaging Industry

Customers never compromise to buy a quality product. Each customer is looking for a quality product whether small or big. The product should be worth buying for the point of quality. In today’s online world,  we use the internet even to purchase a pen. What makes us believe in online marketing of products? The main reasons are the quality of the product and the on time delivery. Most of the people place online orders to save time and money. Receiving a product in good order and safe packaging attracts a customer and fulfills his/her level of satisfaction. The service providers gain the confidence of a customer by providing him/her a product on time in a secure and safe packaging. A poor packaging that is damaging the inside product gain wrong impression and can lose a valuable customer. The corrugated boxes are commonly used boxes and are most reliable boxes for the packaging industry. However, overload at the time of transportation, cause boxes to get compressed and damaged. Therefore, maximum compression limit of a material must be determined before the manufacturing process. Follow procedures for corrugated box compression testing to get one solution of all the problems.

How Compression Testing Helps?

The Corrugated Box Compression Testing procedures help to save the quality of the materials. The highly efficient corrugated boxes are the safest source to pack the products, however, during storage, box compression is a major issue. Testing with box compression tester can determine the maximum compression that a box can tolerate and save the boxes from damage. This device has a specific design that allow it to measure the stacking ability, strength, and potential for the cartons, paper cases, paper boards, beehive crates and many more. The main feature of this machine is that it provide maximum pressure on the sample until it collapse completely at a given time. The working procedure determines the accurate compression strength of the boxes. This testing method can help or alert the manufacturers about the quality of the boxes and provides the correct compression value a box can tolerate.

Easy-to-Operate & Reliable Box Compression Tester

The Corrugated Box Compression Testing is simple to perform with Box Compression Tester. The testing simple to understand for the users. Due to the user-friendly features of the machine, determining the compression strength of a box is an easy process. The machine is also useful for testing laboratories and many more industries, besides paper and packaging industries.

All the standard and important features are added for testing instruments, Indonesia. The Box Compression Tester in Indonesia has the ability to measure the compression strength of corrugated boxes in an efficient way. This prior testing process of corrugated boxes is helping in a safe and secure packaging. Box compressor tester is a great machine that is improving the quality of a product prior to manufacturing.

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