What Is Eccentricity And How Does It Affect The Quality Of Preforms?

What Is Eccentricity And How Does It Affect The Quality Of Preforms?

What Is Eccentricity And How Does It Affect The Quality Of Preforms?

PET and Preform products are used in pharmaceutical industries to pack different medicines, syrups, and other consumable drugs to treat the diseases. As pharmaceutical is a very crucial industries, there is no room for defects. Hence, the manufacturers in pharmaceutical industries require only best quality of PET bottles and containers to maintain the safety, hygiene and freshness of drugs and chemicals..

Major Elements that Affects the Quality of PET Bottles


The base material which is responsible for the quality of the PET products is Preforms. If there is any kind of defect in the quality of the Preform, it will severely affect the quality of the PET bottles and can be a significant reason of quality flaws in PET products. This can be assured with the help of superlative quality of testing machines. Preform Eccentricity Testing Instruments are the best and highly effective devices which are used to verify the eccentricity of the Preforms.

Significant Testing Machine for Quality Assurance of Preforms

The major factor of the PET & preform that contributes a significant part to explain the quality is its Eccentricity. If the eccentricity of the preforms is not appropriate, the shape, size and quality of the products will be hampered a lot. Preform Eccentricity Testing instruments are the best and a useful testing machine that helps the users in explaining whether the eccentricity of the Preforms is flawless or not. The device is highly efficient and offers precise and repeated results. Presto Stantest offers high quality of eccentricity tester to test the quality of the Preforms. The testing machine complies with the standards that are introduced especially to perform the test appropriately by the recognized authorities such as ASTM, ISO, BIS and many more.

Features of Presto’s Preform Eccentricity Testing Equipments

  • The testing devices are appropriate enough to measure the eccentricity of PET & Preforms.
  • Easy and accurate operation
  • The testing machine offers repeatable and highly stable test results
  • The testing device conforms to all the required standards.

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