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Test Bottle Eccentricity Perfectly With Pet Bottle Eccentricity Tester

PET & Preforms are used in different production verticals for packaging. They are usually used to pack liquid products that are manufactured in various industries say, Pharmaceuticals, food & beverage industries, chemical, drugs, etc. With the wide usage of PET bottles in various sectors, the manufacturers of PET products become more cautious regarding the quality of the PET products. The PET bottles are manufactured with the preforms. If the quality of the preform is not up to the mark, it will definitely affect the quality of the bottles too.  Hence, the manufacturers must test the quality of the preforms as well the quality of PET bottles. The major factor that affects the quality of the PET products is its eccentricity. Hence, the manufacturers test the eccentricity of the bottles before supplying the product to the customers to ensures the products quality.

One of the best PET & Preform Testing instruments that are used to measure the products quality is PET Bottle Eccentricity Tester. The instrument easily helps to recognize quickly the flaws with the inferior eccentricity and helps to reject the product.


Eccentricity Tester for PET Bottles by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest offers the best quality of PET Bottle Eccentricity Tester to measure the eccentricity of the PET products. If the eccentricity of the PET bottles is not appropriate, it can badly affect the size, shape of the bottles. The testing instrument is easy to use as it is designed with user-friendly controls. The testing instrument is designed as per the standards that are explained by recognized authorities to perform the test of eccentricity of PET bottles.

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