What are Different Quality Tests Recommended for Testing of Cartons?

What are Different Quality Tests Recommended for Testing of Cartons?

To adjudge the stress-bearing capacity of a box, different tests are performed on the sample. Before starting the mass production, it is necessary to check whether specifications are suiting the requirements or not. Various factors are considered before actually setting up a testing line. Which test to perform and which ones to skip? This depends on the expected working conditions of the product. Often used for transportation of good in different geographical areas having different environmental conditions, humid, rainy, dry, uneven terrains and so on. External physical forces is one parameter and environmental factors is other. Ideally, the cartons should be tested for both these factors and when both these combined. In this post, the Edge crush tester, box compression tester, moisture meter are highlighted

Some Important Tests for Corrugated Box Manufacturers


Edge Crush test – This test is performed to check the basic properties of the CFB. A strip-shaped sample is cut from the CFB sheet and placed inside the fixture. The ridges and furrows are in perpendicular to the horizontal axis. A predefined force from the top is applied on the sample. The behaviour is analysed with visual inspection. Ring crush test and flat crush test is the extended form of edge crush test. In RCT, the sample strip is joined from the ends to form a ring. This ring is placed perpendicular to the horizontal axis. In Flat crush test, FCT, the sample is placed flat on the fixture, ridges and furrows are on the horizontal axis. A predefined force is applied from the top and visual inspection is done to study the behaviour.
Box compression test – When subjected to stacking load, the corrugated carton shows volatile behaviour. They may sustain the load or get compressed. To end the guess work, box compression tester is used. In this test, the corrugated carton is placed on the anvil and load is applied from the top, until it deforms. The applied load can be standardised as the load bearing capacity for a particular batch.

Moisture Meter – Corrugated fibre sheets are made up of paper that has a tendency to absorb moisture form the surrounding. This presence of moisture in the packing may affect the quality of content packed inside. Before beginning the packings, using a moisture meter, the moisture content can be analysed. It is a simple to use the device. The operator just needs to insert the pin of the moisture meter in the test sample and a digital display gives the content of moisture.


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