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Vacuum Leak Tester

Vacuum Leak Tester

Testing Instrument’s Vacuum Leak Tester deliberately complies with International High Quality Service. The testing is done to assure that the seals are not destroyed or leak. It is a process performed before storage and warehousing. Due to leakage, the environmental factors start to affect the quality of the contents packed. 


  • Easy to use and safe
  • Holding time setting
  • High Accuracy
  • Carry with vacuum alternator
  • Personalized Box with width upon offer 


  • Offers accurate and reliable results.
  • Strictly complies with international quality standards.
  • Changeable Timer Units in Hrs:min:sec
  • Digital Pressure displays 

The Testing Instruments leak detector machine is a high quality packaging seal integrity tester that adds quality control measures to your packaging applications.

Except of contents, the vacuum seal test will help ensure that your packaged product is sealed to your specifications. 

Using a Package Leak Detector:

The Testing Instruments package with leak detector can be used for a variety of different package with different types, from stand-up pouches, packages with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), rigid trays, vacuum skin packs, thermoform packages, , form fill seal (VFFS) and enclosable packages.

Dry Chamber Flexible Package Testing, used to work it accurately & efficiently.
Altitude Simulation Seal Integrity Test Methods Applied 

MODEL: PVL - 0130 (150 mm) 

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