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Get Hot Wire Cutter Specialized in Precise Slicing of PET Bottle

PET bottle is a high demand container form used in packaging industry. Be it pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food etc. every industry are switching to Pet material to fulfil their packaging needs. With growing necessity, comes great demand in quality factors. Are these bottle stable enough to carry the product safely and will they be able to face the tear and wear of transit, storage, and production line. To have these issues sorted market leaders are implementing quality control.

In case of PET Bottle, there are many factors which are to be tested to see if the container fulfils the requirement or not. One such test which is commonly practiced in the PET industry is the section weight analysis. This test is known to conduct for evaluation of the weight of sections of PET bottle naming top, mid-section and bottom. This is done to assess the overall balance of the bottle and see if they can carry the content inside without bobbling and frequent fall offs. To practice the test, quality operators prefer highly standardised hot wire bottle cutter. This machine uses a heated Kanthal wire for slicing the sections smoothly into three parts. Afterwards these parts are weighed separately and section weight are analysed.

Presto brings you the most latest and advanced range of test instrument used in PET bottle industry. The PET Bottle cutting machine has been designed and supplied by Presto Stantest across the world. It uses high grade of Kanthal wire and digital controls to operate the procedure. The model is designed as per international standards and is equipped with hi-tech features. To hold the specimen, firmly it has bottle neck holders and various clamps. The clamping knobs are adjustable for to which area is to be sliced. The Kanthal wires are attached with on a strong panel which can be easily lifted with hands and placed on the sample for slicing it up. The wires are also adjusted for its distance.

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