Unique Features of Presto’s Corrosion Test Chamber

Unique Features of Presto’s Corrosion Test Chamber

Salt spray chamber is the best machine to assess how the test material would behave when exposed to a salt laden environment. Depending upon the composition of the metal, their corrosion resistance properties varies. Take the example of gold, instead of repeated exposure to water and sweat, ornamental jewellery never gets corrode. On the other hand, iron bars and handle show rust impression after certain years of use. Incorporating a test procedure is not enough, you just need to know how to use it efficiently.

Presto offers multiple ranges of salt spray tester. Korox III is the high-end model and most popular amongst all. Here are the reasons behind.


Only Presto’s machine has a triple walled chamber. Rest of the manufacturers provide double walled cabinets to lock the fog, air pressure, humidity and temperature inside. To take the testing process one step further, additional fibre wall is provided between the insulated walls. This additional layer provides more protection.

Rest of the machines have nozzle style atomiser where Korox III has tower style atomiser. This atomiser combines the NaCl solution with the fog efficiently and distributes it into chamber uniformly. It has a tapered baffle head to spread the fog. In nozzle style, the injected fog collides with the canopy and then spreads inside the chamber. It has been tested and verified in the labs.

It has a reservoir tank of capacity 60 litres which support non-stop test for approx. 22-24 hours. For a long test run, there is an auto refill system and solution level indicator. This alarms the operator before the reservoir runs out of the solution. If the machine runs without a solution, it can cause damage to the chamber. Every time the reservoir goes beyond defined level the auto refill system gets activated.

To retain the heat inside the chamber, the machine is equipped with silicon heating bags. They help in uniform distribution of the heat and maintaining an even temperature throughout the chamber. These bags help in increasing the shelf life of the machine and they don’t allow the heat to accumulate around the heaters.


Manual purging and air purging is the unique feature of this Korox III salt spray tester. As the test run overs, the auto purging gets activated and the salt laden fog inside the chamber starts settling down. If a canopy of the chamber is opened with the fog inside the chamber, it would lead to dispersion of fog in surrounding and may lead to corrosion of metallic items in the surroundings.