Top 5 Tips to Maintain Presto Torque Tester Proficiently

Top 5 Tips to Maintain Presto Torque Tester Proficiently

Every aspect of the bottle, including the strength of the seal, must be carefully scrutinized to ensure that the finished product is up to standard. One important test that bottle manufacturers must perform is a torque test for bottle caps, which measures the amount of force required to remove the cap from the bottle. You can easily perform torque tests on screwed caps, threaded closures, child-resistant closures, and other related caps with the help of the Presto torque strength testerThis is one of the amazing lab testing equipment that is helpful in testing the torque needed to open or closed the bottles. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can easily maintain the Presto torque tester proficiently. But before that, we will discuss how this lab testing instrument is helpful in testing the fastening of the bottle caps. So, let us get started!

Test the fastening of bottle caps with Presto torque tester

The PET industry has seen a boom in recent years as more and more companies adopt PET bottles for their food and beverage packaging. With the increased demand, it is essential to ensure that the bottles meet all safety and quality standards before they are used. One of the key tests for PET bottles is testing the opening and closing torque.

Presto's Torque tester-Digital is an ideal testing instrument for this purpose. The lab testing equipment can quickly and accurately measure the torque required to fasten the bottle cap, ensuring that the bottles meet all safety requirements. In addition, the digital display makes it easy to read the results, making it essential testing equipment for any PET bottle testing laboratory. Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of the digital torque tester.

Features of Presto torque tester

The digital model of torque tester offered by Presto is one of the most efficient and accurate testing instruments that is used in most of the PET industries and bottling plants to test the fastness of the lids and caps of the PET bottles and jars. It is an essential quality control parameter in any kind of food and beverage packaging industry. This lab testing instrument is very precise and it can measure the torque values with great accuracy. The digital display of the torque tester makes it very user-friendly. Below we have listed the features of this torque tester for bottles. 


• Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability

• Strong clamping pegs/holders for zero slip gripping support

• In-house calibration facility

• Precise measurement of torque

• Adjustable clamping mechanism to hold the different size of bottles

• Highly accurate torque sensor

• Provided with 10 and 20 lbs calibration weights

• Provision to hold peak value on display

• 9 Sample readings can be saved on the digital readout

• Digital Display with Fine Readout resolution

• Safety lock pins to eliminate extra force on the Torque sensor.

• A sample reading can be seen on the digital readout.

With these features, it will be easy for you to test the opening and closing torque of bottle caps. Now, let us discuss its technical specifications.

Technical Specifications of Presto torque tester digital model

Models Available in various Torque Range *ü 20 lb inch

ü 25 lb -inch

ü 50 lb -inch

ü 100 lb-inch

  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 lb-Inch (with master weight)
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1 lb-inch
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Display: Digital (LED) 7 segment display
  • Torque Monitoring: Peak Load indicator with Digital readout and peak hold feature
  • Minimum Diameter for specimen holding: 30 mm
  • Maximum Diameter for specimen holding: 110 mm
  • Weights for Calibration: 10 lbs, 20 lbs (optional parts)

Whenever you buy a torque tester then you need to take care of some essential factors. You can easily read about those factors before buying a torque testing instrument. We at Presto offer the best quality PET bottle torque testing equipment in IndiaNow, let us discuss the tips to maintain this accurate lab testing equipment.

How to maintain the torque tester efficiently?

Bottle Cap Torque Tester is an accurate testing instrument that measures the amount of torque required to open or close a bottle cap. This is important because the torque applied to the cap must be enough to create a seal that is leakproof, yet not so much that the cap becomes difficult to open.

To maintain this lab testing equipment efficiently, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Ensure proper greasing of the guide rod in the clamping device every three months.
  • While clamping the specimen, make sure that the locking pin is placed properly. This will prevent any jerk load on the torque sensor.
  • The power supply provided to the machine must be free from any fluctuation.
  • Ensure to turn off the power supply after the testing procedure.
  • Verify the calibration of the machine every time before commencing the test procedure.

In this way, you can maintain the torque tester efficiently. To know about torque tester priceor want an online demo for this lab testing equipment, give us a call at +91-9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will assist you with all your queries.