Testing the leak integrity of Milk Powder Pouches

Testing the leak integrity of Milk Powder Pouches

It is the time of instant stuffs. Instant food items, instant coffee, instant downloads and what not. Also, especially in food industry, people are constantly working over making items long-lasting and increasing their validity period. In this lane, the most popular food item is the dried powdered milk. It is the most selling dairy product across the globe and is often preferred for its long shelf life and no need of refrigeration for preservation. This milk powder exhibits its high validation due to its low moisture content. To maintain the quality of this product, packaging also plays a big role. Usually, Pouches are utilized for packing the powdered material and the leak integrity of these pouches must be of high grade. In this blog section, we will share details on the leak testing of pouches using vacuum leak tester.


Milk powders has been increasingly used for recombination and manufacturing of various food products. Its major manufacturing process is the drying of moisture content of the milk. The absorption or desorption of moisture can significantly affect the shelf life of foods. This is particularly the case for dry, powdery products such as milk powders. The main purpose of packaging is to protect the powder from moisture to preserve the product characteristics. When they gain moisture, powdery products become lumpy or cake. In addition, the moisture may lead to deleterious changes such as structural transformations, enzymatic reactions, browning, and oxidation, depending on temperature and the availability of O2. Therefore, an effective method of testing must be established on the packaging material to check its leak integrity.


Vacuum leak tester is one such testing equipment used to inspect the consistency of the packaging pouches under vacuum. The instrument complies with national and international quality standards. The test is performed by placing the sample in a definite amount of vacuum. It is provided with an advanced level of features for effective testing procedures.
Few key features:

  • Microprocessor based features for accuracy and repeatability
  • Meets USP 28 Packaging Practice specification
  • Automatic sample testing through easy vacuum mechanism
  • Pressure, Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting and Pre-set Timer functions incorporated
  • Inbuilt Calibration facility for setting the machine as per the testing product and procedure used.
  • Pressure display for easy pressure monitoring
  • Stainless steel body for corrosion resistant finish

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