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Best Test Procedure For Testing The Integrity Of Pet Bottles

The most preferred material for packaging in today’s industrial world is the PET bottles. The PET bottles are best for packaging of different products like beverages, drinks, medicinal compounds, health supplements, chemicals, etc. The PET bottle are best for the packaging of these products as they protect these products from spillage and also protect them from any other external effects such as dust, foreign contaminants, etc. The biggest prerequisite for the packaging of these products is to be completely leakage proof as these products are mostly in liquid state which can be easily spilled. The PET manufacturers need to run tests like vacuum leak test on the PET bottles to ensure that they are completely free from any sort of leakage.

The vacuum leak test procedure is performed with the help of the instrument called vacuum leak tester. The test sample is placed in a vacuum creating columns, and then a prescribed amount of vacuum is created in the column. After that, the test sample is analyzed for any sort of leakage with the help of deformation and bubble formation.  The instrument offers highly accurate and precise testing data to the users.

Presto is a premium manufacturer and supplier of high precision vacuum leak testers that are designed for simple and easy operation. The instrument is designed with keeping all the quality standards and guidelines in mind hence they are in conformance with all the quality standards.

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