Test To Measure The Adhesive Strength Of Bonded Materials

Test To Measure The Adhesive Strength Of Bonded Materials

 Strength Of Bonded Materials

There are numerous test methods which are used to determine the strength adhesives including shear, peel, cleavage and tension tests.

 Peel test are done to test the adhesive strength of tapes, coatings, labels, and other coated materials. Peel test can be performed mainly with three types of peel tests namely 180-degree peel test, 90-degree peel test, and T-peel test.

Whether perform T-Peel, 180 degree or 90 Degree peel test? Well, the 180 and 90-degree tests are used where flexible materials like adhesives and bonded methods are adhered to the stiffer surface.  In the 90 Degree and 180 Degree Peel tests, flexible substrates can’t bend perfectly to 180 degrees but the T-Peel test is used where the adhesive and coated surface both are either similar or both flexible. The t-peel test requires that the bonded substrates and the surface of the material are flexible, This is done when a bonded substrate need to bend up to an angle of 90 degrees without breaking. The t-peel test is used to measure the durability of the adhesion which is provided with on various materials like labels, tapes, etc. The adhesion strength means the force required to separate one material from another. The peel strength tester is best suited to measure tear, peel, and other properties of adhesives, glues, laminates, coatings, etc.

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