Integrity Of Packaging For Best Security-Safety Of Products

Test The Leakage Integrity Of Packaging For Best Security And Safety Of Products

Being leak proof is one of the most desirable traits for any packaging material. There is a vast variety of different packaging materials used for packaging of different products. The manufacturers use different products for packaging of their goods, and they need to ensure that the products remain safe during storage and transportation. One of the major issues for the packaging materials is the leak integrity of the products. The manufacturers of the products need to ensure that the packaging has no leakages or pinholes hence they must test thoroughly using appropriate methods and testing instruments.  One of the best methods to test the leakage in the packaging materials is to use a high-pressure vacuum. The instrument that can be used for performing the test is the vacuum leak tester.

The instrument is used widely in the packaging industries for the purpose of testing the leakage and integrity of the structure of the products.

Leakage testing of plastic pouches and tetra packs

The plastic bags and tetra packs are used for packaging of different food items and other vulnerable products. The manufacturers need to ensure that the packages have no leakage hence need to ensure the best level of safety of the products. The packages that need to be tested are placed in the desiccator of the testing instrument. After proper placement, the instrument is set to develop a vacuum of a certain value. This created a negative pressure inside the desiccator which exerts a compressive force on it. As the package is empty, the air present in the package prevents it from compression. If there is a leakage or pinhole present in the package, then the air inside it will escape from the sample, and it will be decompressed due to the negative pressure.

Leakage testing for PET bottles

The PET bottles are utilized for packaging a lot of food products as well as chemicals. The leakage in PET bottles can lead to damage to the product quality. That is why the manufacturers need to ensure that the PET bottles are free from any leakages, pinholes, etc. The vacuum leak tester is used for testing the PET bottles for presence any type of leakage due to manufacturing defects or pinholes. The instrument is capable of developing a very high amount of vacuum inside the test sample. Now when vacuum is developed in the bottle, then there is pressure exerted by the air outside. If there is no leakage in the bottle, then it will decompress, but if the bottle has any leakage, then there will be no decompression in the bottle.

Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester is one of the best instruments to test the leakage in the packaging materials with great accuracy and precision and with a very simple testing procedure.