Test The Color Fastness Of Fabrics With Crock Meter

Test The Color Fastness Of Fabrics With Crock Meter

Crock Meter


Textile Industry has a wide scope all over the world. With the changing trends of fashionable outfits, there is an endless demand for high-quality fabrics and textile products in the market. Therefore, it is important for the manufacturers in textile industries to ensure that the high-quality of fabrics will be produced. It is necessary for the manufacturers in all textile industries to ensure that the quality of the fabrics is best. In the highly competitive world, no one can survive if they are offering low-quality of products. There are various attributes of the garments that explain the quality of the material such as GSM of a fabric, yarn count, color fastness, smoothness of fabric, button snap strength and many more.

Factors Affecting the Colors of the Fabrics

Out of these properties, color fastness is the major factors that measure the color quality of the fabrics. Most of the buyers while buying the fabrics and garments judge the color fastness of the garments. Thus  helps to measure the quality of the fabrics when the material is exposed to light, sunlight, rubbing, washing, perspiration and many more. Measuring the color fastness is mandatory for the fabrics as running color can be dangerous and allergic too.

How to Test the Color Fastness of Fabrics?

Color Fastness of the fabrics can be tested in the laboratories easily with the help of high-quality of crock meter. The testing instrument efficiently measures the colors of the dyed fabrics. The testing machine is used in every textile processing industries, export houses and buying houses as well to test the color quality of the fabrics. The instrument is very easy to operate and offer highly accurate test results. For more information on crock meter visit: www.testing-instruments.com/crock-meter/