Understanding Metamerism For Best Color Appearance Of Products

Understanding Metamerism For Best Color Appearance Of Products

The metameric is the most prevalent phenomenon that can be found in most of the colored products. This can be a big problem for the industries as the problem of metamerism is considered a very big quality defect for the products with color. The manufacturers need to ensure that the products they manufacture are provided with best color quality with zero possibility of metamerism. To address the problem of metamerism, the manufacturers need top first understand metamerism and its causes.

What is Metamerism?

The metamerism the phenomenon that is noticed when a colored object appears different in different light conditions. The variation in appearance depends on the color composition of the object, the quality of dyes used for incorporating colors, the attribute of light used for viewing the colors and the angle of viewing.

Factors that affect Metamerism

The metamerism in an object mainly depends on the three major factors that are

  1. The ability of the observer to distinguish colors its sensitivity.
  2. The characteristics of the spectral
  3. The absorption, diffusion or reflectance of the object.

Cause of Metamerism

The main cause of metamerism is that when the light is reflected from a surface, then if there are variations in the angle of viewing then it might cause the colors to appear in the slightly different shade. Additionally, the quality of dyes that are used for coloring is also responsible for the cause of metamerism. The bad quality of dyes has variable levels of absorption and transmittance hence it causes the color to appear different in different lighting conditions. The capacity of the observer to evaluate the colors and distinguish between them is also a major cause of metamerism in products.

Standardization of color

To avoid the problem of metamerism, it is essential that the color of a product is matched with a standard under different lighting sources and ensure that it appears same in every lighting condition. For this, a color matching cabinet can be used. The color matching cabinet is a very effective instrument that is used widely in industries for the purpose of color matching of products under different lights.

Presto’s Color matching cabinet is an extensively used instrument in different industries such as textiles, automotive, paints, etc. for evaluating the consistency of color and avoid metamerism. The instrument comes with five different lights that can be used for easy evaluation of the products colors with great accuracy and ease.