Automobile Color Using the Appropriate Color Measurement Tool

Ensure the Quality of Automobile Color Using the Appropriate Color Measurement Tool

Colour matching is the first step to be considered while painting the body of an automobile. A car has a base color which gets faded away due to environmental conditions. If the area has a slight mismatch in color, it is generally noticeable by the customer.

Need for Colour Consistency

A Car is considered the most valuable assets for any ordinary person. With the passage of time, blemishes start appearing on the paint of car’s body. Normal wear and tear added with other factors lead to car paint problems. An auto manufacturer faces a problem that stops production process due to an issue with paint and coating applications. Defects that pop up in the vehicle’s finish discourages and needs the right solutions. TP310 Portable Colorimeter introduced by Testronix which produced benefits of 10 more conventional imported range of colorimeter.

Causes that lead to color variations from one vehicle to another is in modern vehicles is the usage of substrates such as plastics, aluminium, steel etc. that paints will stick to differently. Ensuring that the color is uniform throughout all surfaces defines ideal formulation to be used across every application processes.

Color measurement is the main requirement in every industry to ensure the quality of products. The products that have high-quality colors possess a great impact on the mind of customers. Best color techniques should be used to measure the consistency of colors. A colorimeter is a tool that characterises color samples to give an objective measure of color characteristics. Usually used by a chemist to determine colors. It has a wide range of usage across various applications such as chemical and biological fields. It is helpful in analysing blood, water, nutrients in the soil and food stuff.

Colorimeter – Measurement of Colour 

Color measurement instruments measures color using color sensors and color filters to reproduce the response of the human eye in terms of light and color. The instrument is helpful in measuring the accuracy and efficiency of the colors in various product samples to provide the best color quality to the products. It has the IC platform color sensors to offer benefits of color measurement to the users. The ergonomically designed machine uses high quality parts that make it a better color measurement equipment.

TP310 Portable Colorimeter has qualified 10000 tests and is the sophisticated version of TP300 colorimeter. It is accurate and stable equipment that provides magnificent results at an affordable price. The main features are the superior power supervision design. Flexible and accurate locating. Best measurement methods. It offers constant measuring performances.