Importance Of Crock Meter In Textile Industries And How It Works?

Importance Of Crock Meter In Textile Industries And How It Works?

Crock Meter is used to test the transfer of color from the surface of one material to another via dry rubbing and wet rubbing. Presto Stantest offers a high accurate and well-engineered Crock Meter at best and affordable prices to test the colorfastness of fabrics. It is a highly efficient and useful testing machine which offers accurate test results.

Apart from the color transference or color fastness test, the instrument also performs wet/dry abrasion, scuffing, flexing powdering, ink abrasiveness. Test conditions on the specimens are performed by exerting the standard amount of pressure and motion.

How Crock Meter Works?

To perform the test process efficiently, take a piece of crocking cloth and soak it in the distilled water. Now remove the excessive water from the fabric. Now fix the sample over the end of the finger of the instrument. Now mount the printed material on the lower platform. Now set the machine to the 10 cycles so that the crock material is rubber 10 times against the printed material to test its color fastness strength. Now the color fastness or quality of the printed material by measuring the color of the crock material with the help of color transference scale. The test process offers accurate test results.

Presto Stantest offers a wide assortment of textile testing instruments. Crock meter is one of the best testing machine provided by Presto to test the color fastness or transference of the fabrics. The device is very easy to operate as it is equipped with user-friendly features. It offers highly accurate test results. The testing machine is designed as per the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ISO, ASTM, BIS and many more. To know more about the testing device, visit: www.testing-instruments,.com or you can also call our experts for information on technical specifications.