Tensile Testing of Timber

Tensile Testing of Timber

Tensile Testing of Timber

Timber and wood are popularly used in commercial and domestic applications. For different applications, timber with different properties is used. Some applications require very sturdy material, while in other application, wood with low strength would be able to do the job. Thus, before using the material it is important to check its properties first. Tensile strength is one major property which is to be ascertained to check the strength of the material.

Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of tensile testing machines. Available in different models, it is a feature loaded machines, that can be chosen with or without computer connectivity. It is widely used to determine the resistance to fracture when the outward pull is applied from both the ends.

Standard Operating Procedure

The tensile tester comes with a clamper having gripping jaws. These jaws are meant to hold the sample. The sample is specially prepared for the testing. The sample is gripped in the jaws. According to the testing standards, the load to be applied is selected. Once the parameters are set, the upper plate of the machine starts to move in an upward direction, while the lower plate will remain stationary. The machine will keep on pulling the sample until it fractures. Once the sample breaks, the machine stops itself. This is called over travel protection.

There are different standards applicable to check the tensile strength of wood. But the most popularly followed is ASTM D143.

Worth Noting Features of The Machine

The tensile testing machine comes with vice type grips, as standard. But there are many other grip types available which can be chosen as per the industrial requirement. E.g. for a flexible sample that elongates due to stretching, the self-tightening grip is required. This grip type adjusts itself depending upon the changing dimensions of the sample.

The machine comes with the maximum capacity of 2500 kg. This capacity is suitable for almost all test materials to be checked accurately for tension.

The machine is made up of highly durable heavy mild steel. It is very natural to have a strong body of the machine that can apply the load of up to 25 ton.

It comes with a branded gear motor to deliver high shelf life to the machines. Other components used in the assembling of the machine are tried and tested to withstand conditions of a laboratory and a manufacturing unit.