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The Role Of Tensile Tester Testing Machine To Measure The Tensile Strength

Prior to using the tensile testing machine, knowledge of tensile strength is necessary. The ability of a material to resist a tensile (pulling) force is a tensile strength, and it is mainly used in mechanical and structural engineering. The resistance power (tensile strength) of a metal under stress is an essential property of a material and significant in the use of brittle materials. The manufacturers of metals such as raw materials or finished metal materials require clearing compliance standards before delivering the products. Tensile strength ensures a high-quality material and prevents the major obligations related with in case of non-compliant products.

 How Tensile Tester Testing Machine Operates?

Presto offers testing instruments, Bangladesh, to evaluate the tensile strength of products and materials. The machine is based on CRT principle that is Constant Rate of Transverse. There are two jaws; where lower jaw is flexible to move, however, the upper jaw is stationary. The lower jaw moved to calculate the tensile strength of a material. During testing with Tensile Testing Machine, the test specimen is clamped between the two jaws and moved in the opposite direction. A gear box and a lead screw arrangement (100mm or 300mm per minute) are equipped. A special sensor is connected with a load cell and can sense the load exertion on the stationary jaw. The result is displayed in the digital format in kg.

Presto’s testing instruments in Bangladesh ensures trouble-free operation and maintenance due to the highly modular construction. Call our experts for additional information on the testing instruments, Bangladesh.

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