Salt Spray Chamber for Automotive Industry

Salt Spray Chamber for Automotive Industry

Determining the quality of the automobile parts and components in terms of corrosion resistance is very important. Generally, it is salt and humidity that trigger the growth of corrosion in metal. Therefore, the test to determine the strength and resistance of automotive material part against corrosion through Salt Spray Chamber gives reliable results. The test chambers are precisely designed to create natural environmental conditions within a laboratory to allow corrosion tests within a very short period.

Presto Stantest, the leading company in India for Lab Testing Instruments brings premium quality testing tools for various industries. The company complies with ISO and ASTM standards that remark the quality of the product at the global level. Moreover, you can get the custom facility with quick delivery support at PAN India Level. For more information about the Salt Spray Chamber connect with the technical experts at +91-9210 903 903 or send your query through an email at

Best Salt Spray Chamber by Presto Stantest

The corrosion test chamber by Presto Stantest provides a more accurate analysis of the test sample that allows the manufacturers to solve the problems within the product in the developmental phase. These testing tools operate certain parameters that facilitate accelerated corrosion of the products such as humidity, temperature, and airflow with cyclic drying, cyclic spraying with aerated saltwater, etc. The corrosion test chambers are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations as per the need at Presto.

Here are some of the technical specifications of Salt Spray Chamber that makes it best in the market

  • It has an Inbuilt PID Temperature controller
  • The power supply to be used is  220V with Single phase, 50Hz, 15A
  • pH Value of Salt varies from 6.5 to 7.2
  • Provided with Temperature overshoot alarm
  • Temperature Ranges from Ambient to 35°
  • Temperature least count is 0.1°
  • The material used for the structure is Fiberglass

Presto avails 3 models for the salt spray chamber that are quite versatile and allow most of the cyclic automotive tests. These are available with the user-friendly operating system also allow the user to make any changes in the pre-programmed cycles as per specific requirements.

It is available with the safety features such as safety shut down and warning messages for ease of use and added safety. Moreover, the use of microprocessor-based controllers for temperature, time, and other test conditions ensures the highly safe and reliable operation of the testing tool.

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