Role Of Glass Strain Viewers In Glass Manufacturing Industries

Role Of Glass Strain Viewers In Glass Manufacturing Industries

Glass Strain Viewers

Glasses are used in numerous applications and have a significant use to produce domestic goods and many industrial products like glass windows, panes, furniture, glass utensils, and many more. Presto offers Glass Strain Viewer to test the transparency and clarity of the glasses. Glass products can be easily rejected if the desired level of transparency is not preserved by the manufacturers. The testing machine plays a significant role to view the strains in the glass materials.

Glass Strain Viewer also known as Polariscope is the best testing machine that protects the quality of the glasses from various quality flaws that can occur at the time of manufacturing or designing process. It is a very effective testing machine that helps to judge the strains on the material surface under the polarized light. The testing machine helps to detect the microscopic defects that are present in the glasses.

Best Solution by Presto for Testing Strains in Glasses

Presto Stantest, a leading glass strain viewer manufacturers, offers two models of the same i.e. Deluxe model and computerized model. The testing machine is designed with the finest quality of materials that ensures long working life of the product. The instrument is painted with the intense zinc plating that ensures is corrosion resistant finish. The blue and autumn gray color of the device provides the attractive and smooth finish. The testing machine is supplied with the instruction guide and a user manual and conformance certificate that explains products reliability and quality. Visit for more information on Polariscope Strain Viewer.