Easily Find Glass Strain Due To Stress In Glass Products

Easily Find Glass Strain Due To Stress In Glass Products

Use of Glass Products

Glass products are widely used in a variety of fields from industrial products to domestic fields as well as scientific laboratories. The quality of the glass products is an important aspect that must be kept in mind during the usage of the glass products. The glass blowers use various different techniques and processes for the purpose of blowing such as heating, blowing, and cooling which eventually induce strain in the glass products. This strain is also sometimes referred as stress.

How Stress or Strain in Glasses affects the Quality of Final Product?

The induction of stress or strain in glass products during the manufacturing process is considered as a major quality flaw. It can lead to lower strength of the products as well as lead to glass failure. There are numerous defects that are induced in glass due to stress or strain induction which include crystallization defect, change in refractive index, lower transparency and so forth. The manufacturers must check the quality of glass with the proper testing equipment so that they could find glass strain due to stress and discard the defective pieces for reprocessing.

How can Strains in Glass Products be detected?

The Polariscope is an instrument that should be used for detecting the presence of strain distribution and other defects in the glass materials as well as products. The instrument is highly efficient in stress detection in glasses with the help of polarized light. It has two polarizers placed in a different orientation which assist in making the strain patterns easily visible in the test sample. The instrument is best for quality assurance of the glass products in industries. With the help of a Polariscope strain viewer, the glass blowers can easily ensure the best quality of the glass products provided to the customers.

Presto Stantest a global and leading supplier of testing machines, manufactures and supplies high-quality of Polariscope Strain Viewer for Glasses to detect the defects in glass preforms. The instrument is designed by the experts keeping in mind the standards that are provided by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, & BIS.

Technical Specifications


The Polariscope DX model is supplied complete with:

  • Display: LED (Digital)
  • Lights : Monochromatic light & Sodium Lamp
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz

Key Expertise of Polariscope – For Glass

  • Easy & simple to operate
  • Strains are effectively measured for glass
  • High-quality optics for clear and sharper view.
  • Large Viewing glass area.
  • Sharper & Clearer optical viewing experience.