Role of Bursting Strength Tester in Paper Quality Testing

Role of Bursting Strength Tester in Paper Quality Testing

A high-quality packaging ensures that the product inside will be protected from various damage issues such as environmental factors, transportation factors, and many more. The delivered package decides the brand’s reputation and safety of the product. There is a wide range of material utilized in packaging industry among which corrugated sheets are the most preferred ones due to their strong and steady nature. Still, a poor quality corrugated box can be easily damaged in transit or store environment. One of the renowned testing machine used for corrugated sheets to evaluate its quality is bursting strength tester.

Bursting factor: the most important property to test

The bursting factor is defined as the bursting strength divided by the basic weight of corrugated sheet in grams per square meter. The bursting strength determines the amount of pressure which can be taken by the corrugated sheet before it bursts or ruptures. It is evaluated by exerting the high amount of hydrostatic pressure on the testing specimen till it burst. The bursting factor helps in evaluating the durability of the corrugated boxes against external and internal factors. It helps in making an estimation about the limit till which the corrugated boxes can support and protect the products that are packed and stored inside. Selecting the right product for packaging is a vital step and instruments like bursting strength tester help in opting the right box for you. Low-quality packaging leads to damage risk. Whereas, good quality packaging provides the customer with investment satisfaction.

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Presto proudly presents Bursting Strength Tester which is a highly proficient and standardized instrument renowned for evaluating the quality of corrugated sheets and paper by computing its bursting strength.

Few key features we offer:

  • easy to operate, highly advance digitalized model with feather touch control
  • generates accurate, consistent, repeatable and reliable data
  • equipped with peak & TARE facility
  • calibration facility is available
  • single push-button operation
  • microprocessor based display for accurate test
  • memory to hold up to 9 tests
  • highly accurate test results under the multidirectional force
  • strong gripping clamps
  • test specimen holder comprising of grooves ensures zero slippage of product
  • tight hold of the specimen is assured using operating wheel

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