Bursting strength of pet bottles when high carbonated pressure

Judge The Bursting Strength Of Pet Bottles When High Carbonated Pressure Is Provided

Manufacturing industries usually make use of PET containers such as bottles and cans for the purpose of packaging liquid products. The manufacturing plans that make use of PET container as a superior packaging material are carbonated drinks bottling plants, food processing industries, chemical goods manufacturing industries and pharmaceutical plants. There are numerous types of PET containers that are used in different industries such as cans, PET bottles, etc. that offer most reliable and ideal option of packaging to these industries. These bottles are used on a large scale due to the amazing properties that they possess such as high strength, easy availability, inactive nature of the PET containers to chemicals and resistance to breakage. Also, these bottles are very affordable.

Importance of Testing PET Bottles

The manufacturing industries those make use of PET bottles, manufacture crucial products keeping in mind the health and hygiene of the consumers. Therefore, there is no space for ignorance of the quality of PET products. If the quality of the products can’t be ignored, it may lead to fatal accidents. The packaging of the products plays a significant role in safeguarding the quality of the products that are packed inside. Therefore, the producers of PET containers need to ensure that they will thoroughly test the strength and quality of the bottles so that the product that are packed in them could remain safe throughout its journey from manufacturing plants till it reaches the hands of the end customers.

Properties to be Tested thoroughly

The properties of PET containers that must be tested to ensure its quality are bursting strength, perpendicularity, balancing, leakage, and many more. The major attribute of the PET bottles that severely affects the quality of the bottles is its bursting strength. This property of the bottles can be tested efficiently using Bottle Burst Tester. The testing machine helps to measure the bursting strength of the bottles when sufficient amount of carbonated pressure is provided to the device.

Smart Way to Test Bursting Strength of PET Containers

Presto Stantest offers highly accurate and reliable Bottle Burst tester that helps to ensure that how much pressure a bottle can bear to its maximum when filled with carbonated drinks.