How Bursting Strength Calculation Can Enhance The Quality Of Packaging?

How Bursting Strength Calculation Can Enhance The Quality Of Packaging?

Bursting Strength is one of the biggest indicators of quality and strength of many materials such as paper, corrugated sheets, cardboard, fabrics, etc. The manufacturers of packaging containers and boxes, need to ensure that the materials they use for manufacturing the packaging containers are of best quality and strength. With the help of bursting strength analysis, the manufacturers can easily evaluate the quality of the products they deliver to the clients. The evaluation of bursting strength of different materials is calculated through bursting strength tester.  The bursting strength tester is easy to use a testing device that is used in the packaging industries for calculating the amount of force that it can bear during usage.

The bursting strength tester exerts a high amount of pressure on the test specimen using a rubber diaphragm and liquid displacement. This force causes the bursting of the test specimen. The load indicator provided with instrument records the maximum amount of pressure that it can bear without failure. In this way, the manufacturers can determine the amount of bursting force that a material can bear and then evaluate its applicability for a particular test.

Highlights of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester

  1. The instrument offered by Presto has a powder coated finish for better corrosion resistance.
  2. The instrument complies with the quality testing standard IS 1060 Part I 1987, and ASTM 3786.
  3. The instrument has worm reduction type gear box.

Technical specifications of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester

  1. The instrument has a maximum load exerting capacity of 40 kg per square cm.
  2. The diameters of upper clamp and lower clamp are 30.5 and 38.1 mm respectively.
  3. The rate of articulation of liquid is 95 cc per minute.

Use of Bursting Strength Tester in Packaging Industries

The bursting strength tester is mainly used in the packaging industries for testing the strength and quality of different types of packaging materials such as papers, corrugated sheets, fiber boards, cardboards etc. With exact calculation of the bursting strength of materials, the manufacturers can easily ensure that the quality of packaging they are delivering to the customers is of best level and will be providing best safety to the products during harsh transit period.

Benefits of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester for Users

The bursting strength tester offered by presto is very easy to use and with a digital read out, it becomes very easy to read the test results clearly and accurately. In addition to that, the instrument needs very less maintenance as it has been manufactured using the best quality raw materials. The instrument is also in compliance with various international quality standards that ensure bests level of accuracy of the test results.

The ergonomics of the instrument ensures that it is safe for the users to operate this instrument and there is no risk involved in the operation of the instruments.