Bursting strength of packaging materials-best packaging quality

Analyze The Bursting Strength Of Packaging Materials For Best Packaging Quality

Bursting strength of material is a great indicator of the properties, composition, and strength of that material. The busting strength is the maximum amount of force that a material can bear under the effect of pressure applied to a rubber diaphragm through the articulation of liquid. The bursting strength of materials has a great significance in the field of packaging. In packaging industries, the materials that are used for manufacturing packaging containers and bags need to be tested thoroughly for their strength so that the safety of the products is not compromised at any cost. With the determination of bursting strength of material, the manufacturers can rest assured that they are delivering the best quality of products to the customers.

The bursting strength is calculated with the help of bursting strength tester which is provided with a rubber diaphragm and a pressure application arrangement that applies pressure to the test sample. The pressure applied on the sample is recorded on the load indicator and this value of force gives the value of bursting strength of the sample. After determining the bursting strength of the sample, the burst factor of the sample is calculated with the following formula:

Bursting Strength = (Bursting Factor x GSM)/ 1000

Highlights of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester

  1. The machine has a very easy installation.
  2. The instrument offers a highly accurate calculation of bursting strength of the test sample.
  3. The instrument has a very simple and easy calibration process.
  4. There are five different models of the instrument are available that are Analogue model, a digital model, pneumatic Model, pneumatic computerized model with digital display, and digital cum computerized model.

Technical features of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester

  1. The instrument has a maximum load exerting capacity of 35 kg/ cm2.
  2. The liquid used for testing is glycerin.
  3. The rate of articulation of the liquid is 95 cc / minute.
  4. The instrument has a gear box of worm reduction type.
  5. High quality rubber diaphragm is provided with the instrument or bursting the sample.


The bursting strength tester offered by presto complies with all the international quality testing standards such as ASTM 3786, ISO 2758/ 3303/ 3689.

The bursting strength is a very helpful property that can be used for enhancing the quality and strength of packaging materials such as corrugated boards, paperboard sheets, cardboard, etc. With the help of bursting strength test, the manufacturers can enhance the strength of the packaging materials by making changes in the manufacturing processes and ensure that the packaging containers offered by them will be able to sustain the rigorous transportation processes.

The best thing about Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester is that it is very easy to use and wit simple operation, the instrument is designed to offer the most accurate test results.