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Requirements for Apparatus for Bursting Strength Testing As Per ASTM D 3876

Bursting strength test is one of the most reliable and accurate methods of finding the strength of textile fabrics. The Bursting strength of materials can be defined as the resistance offers to burst or failure it is it is subjected to force that is applied on the materials from a rubber diaphragm under the effect of the pressure exerted by a liquid. This test is used for finding the strength of fabrics, knitted, woven and non-woven with the help of Burst Strength Tester. The standard that is used for governing the test for textiles is ASTM D 3786. There are several requirements that the testing apparatus must fulfill so that the test findings are repeatable, accurate and precise. Here are some of the primary requirements that must be fulfilled by the apparatus to deliver best test results.

  1. The Burst Strength Tester that is used in the testing procedure must have a tow piece annular clamping mechanism that has serrated grooves so that the sample does not slip from the clamps. There should be a proper arrangement to apply optimum pressure on the sample with the help of clamps. The diameter of the coaxial aperture of the clamp should be 31mm ±0.75.
  2. The diaphragm made from natural or synthetic rubber should be placed in the center of the clamp. Frequent inspection of the diaphragm is necessary to find out any cracks or distortion.
  3. The pressure gauge must be mounted on the Bursting Strength Tester for accurate determination of the pressure applied to the sample.
  4. The displacement of the liquid for applying pressure should be at a rate of 95 cc/min.
  5. There must be a hydraulic system that stops the application of pressure on the sample automatically on rupture.

Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester is one of the most efficient testing instruments that are used widely in the industries for testing the burst strength of different materials such as papers, textiles, corrugated sheets and so forth.

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