Revolutionize Material Thickness Measurement with Presto

Revolutionize Material Thickness Measurement with Presto

Material thickness is a very common and major aspect of quality control. The incorrect wall thickness of various material can lead to product failure and low sale. Therefore manufacturers must understand that only wall thickness measurement is now not enough. It must be an accurate and advanced calculation accepted globally.

Magnamike 8600 – Wall Thickness Gauge designed by a team of experts is a Non-destructive testing solution for inspecting wall thickness of the non-magnetic material. Suitable for Plastic and glass bottles, plastic parts, components and final products, automotive tear seams and even utilized in the Aerospace industry. It uses magnetic field method as a base for evaluating wall thickness of materials. It can deliver highly accurate results even with repeatable testing. The device is originated from Olympus team, one of the leading brands in delivering highly-advanced material testing equipment worldwide. Presto Stantest is an authorized dealer of Magnamike 8600. The device is already renowned among numerous manufacturers for wall thickness measurements.

Equipped with advanced probes with the hall-effect sensor. Measurement values can be observed on the LCD digital display screen. The repeatable test can be performed. The wall thickness is measured using target balls usually for bottles, wires for narrow holes or disk for the distinct specimen. The thickness range can be expanded up to 25.4 mm. the wear caps are replaceable, one can use either standard or chisel type caps. Expandable target selection. The device can be locked with a user password. RS-232/USB/VGA Communication portal is available. WINXL interface program installed. Can develop onboard reports.

The Wall thickness gauge – Magnamike 8600 is designed as per IP67 rating. Have and expandable alphanumeric data logger. Save and recall option available for saved calibrated data. Instrument deliver in a portable suitcase with multiple ranges of the probe and target balls. Alarm output for low and high test reading. The user can export test data using MicroSD card in .txt and CSV format. The device can be easily calibrated as per requirement.

The device actually measures the distance between the probe tip and the target ball. It can be easily moved throughout the surface of the material and measure the wall thickness.