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Portable Thickness Gauge Testing – Best To Ensure The Quality Of Pet Products

wall-thickness-gauge-digital-300x300The demand for PET products in different industries for various purposes is increasing at an increasing rate, mainly to fulfill the purpose of Packaging. The PET bottles and containers are used on a large scale for packaging of a variety of products like beverages, medicines, food items and other types of chemicals. The packaging of these products is very crucial as it is responsible for maintaining the safety and hygiene of the products. Hence, it is imperative for the producers of PET Bottles to ensure that they are using only superior quality of raw material to manufacture the complete range of PET products.

The producers of the PET containers need to measure the quality of the PET containers they produce so that the best quality of the product could be delivered to the customers. The Major factor that explains the quality of the PET bottles is wall thickness of the bottles. This property can be tested efficiently using Portable Thickness Gauge Testing Instruments. To perform the thickness gauge testing efficiently without damaging the actual shape and size of the bottles is Magnamike 8600. Click here, To check the specifications of the product. It is the highly accurate and reliable thickness measurement testing instrument that helps to measure the thickness of the walls of all non-ferrous materials.

Presto Stantest, the world’s famous manufacturer of testing instrument, is an authorized dealer of Magnamike 8600. It is the best Portable thickness gauge testing machine that helps to measure the thickness of the bottles without deforming or cutting the bottle. To know more about the instrument, click at Magnamike 8600 .

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