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Polariscope – Best Testing Instrument To View The Strains

Analyzing the quality of the materials is an essential technique that need to be followed time of production to detect the defects, to  prevent the mistakes  and to solve the problems while delivering products to the customers. This process make the product quality tested and helps the customers in ensuring that the product they are buying has already passed all the quality tests. On the other hand, the process of preventing the defects with the help of quality assurance  is different form rectification and defect analysis. The quality assurance forcusses on the quality of the product right from the very first stage of the commencement of the production process. Commencing the manufacturing process after doing perfect analysis will definitely provides long term benefits to business in terms of customer base and to the customers in terms of quality.

Quality control and assurance is done in all the production verticals. To ensure the quality of the PEt bottles in PET & Preform industry various types of tests are performed like compression test, top load test, section weight analysis, stress distribution test, transparency test and so forth. Polariscope is one of the best testing instruments used in PET & Preform industry to determine the ratio of stress distribution in PET & Preform products to examine the strength of the products. If the defects are found in the stress distribution, it can be rectified easily with the help polariscope.

Presto Stantest offers Polariscope to the manufacturers of PET & Preform industry to determine the quality of the bottle.

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