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Identify The Crystallization Defects In Pet Preforms Better With Polariscope Strain Viewer

PET bottles and containers are used for a variety of industries for the purpose of packaging of products. The PET bottles offer the best option for packaging as they are safe and strong enough to keep the products safe and protected from the external factors. The products like food items, medicines, chemical etc. need high level of safety and protection which is obtained by PET bottles. As there is a high level of safety is required from the PET bottles, it is essential to ensure the best quality and strength of the PET bottles during the manufacturing processes.

The PET bottles can easily be provided best quality if the Preforms used for blowing of the bottles are of best quality. There are many defects such as strain-induced crystallization defects that can easily affect the quality of preforms and hence PET bottle. The crystallization defect can be induced in the preforms due to different strain distribution of different molecular orientation. Polariscope strain viewer is an ideal testing equipment that is used to identify crystallization defects in PET preforms that are strain induced.  In this way, the best quality of preforms can be determined, and only defect free preforms are used for blowing process. This can help the manufacturers in providing the best quality of PET bottles to clients for better safety of their products.

Presto is a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of Polariscope strain viewer that is used in different industries for quality testing and quality assurance of the PET products.

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