Measure Defects in Preforms With Polariscope

Measure Defects in Preforms With Polariscope

Use of PET Products for Packaging

The PET products are mainly used for packaging of different products such as Pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical products are very vulnerable to external threats and hence it is very important to provide the best level of safety to them. The PET products that are used to package the pharmaceutical products need to be of very highly quality, and for that, the manufacturers must test the quality of the PET products with the help of best testing solutions and procedures.

Quality Preforms – For High-Quality PET Bottles

The very first step of quality assurance of PET products is to test the quality of Preforms. The preforms are the base materials that are converted into PET bottles in the process of blowing. The quality of the preforms plays a defining role in the quality assurance of the PET bottles.  There is a variety of quality defects that are hard to find, but when proper testing equipment are used, it becomes very easy to identify defective preforms and discard them from blowing process.

How Quality of Preforms Can Be Detected?


A polariscope strain viewer is one such testing instrument that makes the PET preform testing simple with easy operational and accurate test results. The instrument is used for determining various quality defects in preforms such as crystallization, watermarks, flash marks and so forth. The instrument uses polarized light for detecting any quality defects present in the PET preforms. Along with the Polariscope, there is a preform defect chart which has all the defects of preforms under polarized lights of listed which further helps the user in easy identification of the defects.

Presto – A Global Supplier of Polariscope


Presto is a major manufacturer and supplier of Polariscope strain viewer that are used widely in different PET and preform industries. The instrument is designed for easy operational and accurate testing data. The instrument is in conformance with the guidelines set by various national as well as international standardization authorities.

Technical Expertise of Polariscope – Computerized

  • Two light intensity: Monochromatic light & Sodium Lamp.
  • Sharper and clearer optical viewing.
  • Standard template for viewing a sample: 450 & 900
  • Large Viewing glass area.
  • High-resolution camera to take pictures along with software
  • Referral defect Chart preloaded in software for analysis of defects.
  • Test report with reason & suggestions for defects.
  • Easy data management.
  • Gives sharper and clearer optical viewing experience.
  • Reports can be saved or emailed for future reference.
  • Polariscope – Computerised model also available.