Best Quality Of Preforms For Best Quality Of Pet Clear Bottles

Polariscope Strain Viewer- Ensuring Best Quality Of Preforms For Best Quality Of Pet Clear Bottles

PET clear bottles are widely used for a packaging of a variety of products. These products include the medicines, beverages, alcoholic drinks sports drinks and many more.

The quality of these products is of utmost importance for the users as they are directly associated with the health and well-being of the users. It is a major objective of the producers of these products that they provide highly effective and best quality products to their customers.

The packaging of these products has a great impact on the quality of the products. The PET clear bottles used for packaging of such products protect them from any sort of damage and impact from the outside such as microorganisms, dust, spillage and so forth. The quality of the PET bottles is equally important for the quality assurance of the products.

The producers of clear bottle face a major issue while manufacturing of these bottles which is “How can polarized light help in finding defects in PET clear bottles?” The best solution for this issue is to use only the best quality of preform for blowing of the bottle. In this way not only the best quality of the product is ensured but also it saves a lot of resources, money and time for the manufacturers.

polariscope is a highly advanced and effective instrument which works on the principle that polarized light can be used for finding the effects in PET Preforms. With the help of a Polariscope, the user can find defects in preforms such as crystallization, non-uniform strain distribution etc. and ensure that only the defect free preforms are used for blowing processes for best quality assurance of PET bottles.

Presto is a major supplier and manufacturer of Polariscope strain viewer in India and has been offering the best accuracy instrument to the PET and Preform industries.