Perform Section Weight Analysis For Perfectly Balanced Bottles

Perform Section Weight Analysis For Perfectly Balanced Bottles

Section Weight Analysis

The PET bottles are highly responsible for ensuring the level of safety and freshness to the products that are filled inside the bottles. If the properties of bottles such as balancing, leakage, perpendicularity, etc. are not up to that mark, it will definitely affect the quality of the product as well.  For example – if the balancing of the bottles is not perfect, this will trip the bottle again and again which is considered as a major quality flaw. The balancing of the bottles is the major issue that is faced by the manufacturers in PET & Preform industries. If the bottles are not properly balanced, it can cause the problem of leakage and cause fatal accidents. To ensure the quality of the bottles, the manufacturers have to take certain steps so that the quality of the bottles can be measures and flaws can be detected easily. The PET bottles are used to pack many types of products such as pharmaceuticals, food products, and many more.

Cause of Bad Balancing of Bottles

The major cause of bad balancing is that the weight of different sections of the bottles is not appropriate. This causes frequent tripping. The manufacturers avoid the problem of bad balancing by using the process of section weight analysis. The section weight analysis is the best testing procedure in which each section of the bottle is weighed separately. This can be done by cutting the bottle in a different section and weighing them individually.

The primary requirement of perfect section weight analysis is to cut the bottles of different dimensions and sized in different sections i.e. Top, Bottom, and Cylinder. This can be done appropriately with the help of a highly effective testing instrument known as Hot Wire Bottle Cutter. The testing instrument perfectly cuts the PET bottles without deforming the shape or edges of the bottle. The device is very easy to operate.